10 Paint by Numbers Kits that are Perfect for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, plenty of people are probably scrambling to come up with a gift for the stubborn man that always refuses to tell them what he wants. Well, that’s where we come in to help! While you might first dismiss the idea of getting him a Paint by Numbers Kit, it’s honestly a very versatile gift! Your Dad doesn’t have to be a master painter to enjoy painting one of these and in the end, you get a nice decorative piece to add to the walls at the same time!

Besides, with all the time people have been spending indoors with the pandemic slowly possibly drawing to a close, why not use any of the extra time to pick up on some new hobbies? So, without any further ramblings from us, here’s a top 10 list of our painting picks that may be the perfect gift for you father this Father’s Day!


1. Abstract Father Love - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

First we have a more abstract piece. This Abstract fatherly love is a perfect gift to give him whether you’re a son or a daughter. While it may not be the most stunning or spectacular piece in the world, it’s simple and easy for any level of painter to replicate. If you just want to have fun and show you care, there’s nothing better than a vivid abstract painting to let both of you get those creative juices flowing and even adding your own little flares as you go.

2. Abstract Father and Son - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

While another abstract piece, this one is slightly more complicated but just straightforward with it’s message. The Brilliant hints of color are only amplified by the rich darkness of the blues and blacks that make this piece a more rainy subject. If your father is a painter or even if he just enjoys it as a hobby, he’ll probably appreciate this piece! Especially if you make time to paint it with him!

3. Abstract Modern Art - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

Is your father musically talented or even just a fan of the audible arts but not quite as skilled when it comes to visuals? Well this painting is a simple piece that combines both the subject of music and art together! If he loves music, he may like this painting as a form of expression! Besides, what better way to get into a more visual medium of art then through a slightly abstract piece that caters to something he already loves!

4. Acrylic Tiger - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

If your father is interested in shape or cool things, he may like the gift of this stunning acrylic tiger! He doesn’t have to be a master artist to replicate this! Besides, just imagine how proud he’d be if he could make a piece as visually stunning as a colorful tiger with his own two hands! You could also maybe help him out if he gets stuck anywhere… but of course that’s assuming he’ll let you.

5. Amazon Green Forest - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

The Amazon Green Forest piece is both peaceful and beautiful. By gifting your father this painting, you won’t only be providing him with an entertaining way to spend an afternoon or two; but also a beautiful painting once completed! He can put it up on the wall proudly, featuring both his accomplishments as well as your thoughts! It’s neutral green tones also help make it a perfect centerpiece for virtually any room as it isn’t screaming with colors!

6. American Eagle - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

The American Eagle painting just might touch your father’s inner patriotic heart! Even if he doesn’t link it that way, the bird itself is widely acknowledged as a symbol for freedom. With the eagle featured mid flight and open winged, it creates a stunningly majestic composition with a blue sky and slightly abstracted mountains to frame it. Your father is sure to have a nice time with this one!

7. Autumn Tree Path - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

Similar in style to the rainy father and son painting, this stroll through an autumn tree path captures the feel and motion while creating entirely new feelings of exploration and familiarity. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as enjoying the autumn leaves by way of a stroll through the park. By gifting him this painting, you may even bring up old fond memories of family trips down the trail frozen in time and encapsulated through this piece.

8. Beach Chairs - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

There’s just something so captivating about this beach scene with 3 lone chairs. Though it lacks any people as subjects, that only makes it all the more relatable as you can imagine yourself and your own family in this piece. Trigger a feeling of nostalgia in your dad and also just remind him of the coming summer by gifting him this painting! Even if you might not be able to go to the beach together this summer, you can still feel as though you were there in spirit by enjoying a family painting session over this picture.

9. Beautiful Deer in Forest - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

Is your father an avid hunter or a nature lover? Well, he might like this piece as well! Though most people think to get manly painting of scenes with large boats or cars or action; even a peaceful ambient piece like this can be enjoyable! The whole scene captured here just has an air of wonder about it and at the end of the day, it makes for a more atmospheric picture that serves perfectly as a decorative hall piece.

10. Beautiful Fish In Pond - DIY Painting by Numbers Kit

Last but not least, the two beautiful fish in the pond painting are just so pretty to look at. With the limited color palette, it also makes the whole task a bit simpler and straightforward while producing elegant masterful results. Your father may even enjoy the relaxing atmosphere this painting gives off when it’s completed; and as always, he can feel proud to know he painted it himself! 

Didn’t find any painting that would really suit your dad’s taste in this list? Well, worry not as there’s still plenty of other paintings on our site he may very well enjoy more!

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