10 Tips on How You Can Become a Great Painter

1. Start Small

Every great painter started somewhere! No one is able to pick up a paint brush and paint out the most beautiful landscape scene on their first attempt. The same goes for you too! If you want to become great at painting, the best way to start out is with simple sketches. This will refine your basic art skills and prepare you for more detailed art endeavors like painting. 

2. Learn the Basics

If you want to become great at painting it’s important to learn the basics of not just painting, but all art forms. Get to know the fundamentals of art. This includes color, value, composition, edges, brushwork and technique. Understanding these key concepts will set you up with an excellent foundation to becoming a great painter!

3. Get Your Supplies!

You can’t become a great painter without great supplies! Make sure your supplies are of good quality. Our Paint By Numbers painting kits come with excellent quality supplies. Our acrylic based paint set and quality paint brushes come included in all of our paint kits. These supplies are the perfect way to start off your painting journey!

4. Study & Observe

Another to become a great painter is to observe other artists and learn from them. Observe different artists, techniques, art styles and more! You can take different things you learn from observing and apply it to your own painting techniques!

5. Watch Instructional Videos

Watching instructional videos is a great way to improve your painting skills. Instructional videos provide you with the perfect way to observe other artists and develop your technique. They will also provide you with detailed instructions, tips and tricks!

6. Practice Body Forms

A great way to become a great painter is by starting off with painting body forms. Or more simply put, start off painting people! By painting people, you will be able to advance your knowledge of perspective painting, shapes and much more! A great way to start off is with our A Beautiful Geisha - DIY Painting By Numbers Kit! Get yours today!

7. Paint Landscapes

Another great way to develop your painting skills is to paint beautiful landscapes. Landscapes are a super simple way to improve your painting skills and evolve in the world of painting. You can get started with painting landscapes with our A Beautiful Path - DIY Painting By Numbers Kit or A Couple In Sunset - DIY Painting By Numbers Kit. We have a wide range of landscape painting kits.

8. Use References

Most beginners paint or draw solely based off of memory and imagination. This is a big mistake! Painters should always use references when first starting off, this will allow you to become familiar with the reality of what you are painting. Our memory is skewed and can cause our paintings to come out distorted. That’s why beginners should always use a reference when painting!

9. Practice, Practice, Practice!

The best way to become a great painter is to practice! Painting is a skill that takes a lot of time and effort to develop. In order to become a great painter you should try painting at least once a week. Over time you will see just how much your painting skills have improved.

10. Just Have Fun!

Learning to become a great painter takes time. Just relax and enjoy the ride! You should be having fun as you go through your painting journey. The best painters love what they do and never forget to have fun!
Now that you know how to become a great painter, it's time to start your journey off with one of painting kits. Click here to get yours!