Top 10 Paint By Numbers of 2021

Paint by number are kits with light markings to indicate areas to paint, and each area has a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. The kits come with little compartmentalized boxes where the numbered color pigments are stored. Painting by numbers will let you set aside your worries, relax and decrease stress while strengthening the painting talent. Here are the top 10 paint by numbers you should try for 2021. If you are interested in a particular painting below, just click on the title!


What is good about a tree as a subject for a painting is that it can relay different messages depending on the variations of techniques being used in painting it. With this specific piece, the painter can take and present the tree painting in its own meaning and abstract way. The painter has full control over the design and can convey the mood however they like.



This abstract painting features a neighborhood on a green hill, overlooking a long indefinite river. This artwork will sit and age beautifully when hung up in your home. Display your masterpiece and wow your guests!


Remember those romantic scenes from TV shows and movies with a cute couple walking down the street? Well, portray that same vibe with this beautiful piece of artwork. This piece features a couple walking down an endless romantic journey, surrounded by rows of brightly colored trees.



Here’s a piece that can express your emotions. It features a face covered in bright hues that represent all the different moods and thoughts one has to go through in life. It’s chaotic but also is very atheistically pleasing symbolizing a life’s journey.



Here’s the classic Starry Night by Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Painted in June 1889, it depicts the view from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise, with the addition of an imaginary village. You can now paint your own Starry Night!



The Flower on a Stone painting portrays a stunning purple flower, rested on a pile of stone. Flower and stone symbolize the time to drift slowly through the blossoms of life. It is also a stone of harmony and change. Flower stone has been recommended for renewal of relationships and helps us to progress toward unit


The Classic Fusion features a combination of a woman and red roses. The symbolism it conveys is the sexual innocence, virginity, and/or chastity, characteristics which also describe the Western stereotype of the ideal woman, one with the appropriate degree of femininity




This colorful piece features a series of abstract musical instruments. It represents the “Sound of Music” getting jazzier and ended up becoming a “Grand Fiesta” of musical instruments. This painting makes the guitar, keyboard, and trumpet come to life!


The use of light as a medium in the production of art has a long and varied history. Usually, in light artworks, light is the main medium of expression—an art form in which either a sculpture of some form produces light, or where a kind of disembodied sculptural presence is created through the manipulation of light, colors, and shadows. Express your mood with Abstract Light Art.



This last piece features a bright, clean, and crisp sun and mountain, towering over a dark forest. It is saturated in color and with the lovely brush strokes adds great texture to the painting. This piece is great for hanging up, giving relaxing and happy vibes to the viewer.

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