Floral Crowned Calf Paint By Numbers Kit

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Dive into a world of artistry with our Floral Crowned Calf Paint By Numbers Kit, an engaging project that lets you bring to life a charming calf adorned with a vibrant floral wreath. This kit offers a wonderful blend of natural beauty and creative fulfillment, perfect for afternoons or for crafting a handmade piece of art to display in your home.


  • Size: The kit comes with a 9" x 12" linen canvas, a perfect size for detailed artwork and easy display.
  • Material: The kit includes a premium linen canvas paired with high-quality, non-toxic acrylic paints for a safe and lasting creation.
  • Special Features: Along with all necessary paints and brushes, this kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help you create a masterpiece.
  • Technical Specifications: Every paint pot and canvas area is clearly numbered, guiding you to paint with precision and ease.
  • Shape: The canvas is a vertically oriented rectangle, chosen to complement the calf's portrait.
  • Pattern: Features a youthful calf set against a contrasting backdrop, complete with a floral arrangement on its head.
  • Texture: The acrylic paints allow for a variety of textures, from the soft fur of the calf to the delicate petals of the flowers.
  • Design: This paint-by-numbers design thoughtfully captures the innocence of the calf with a touch of flora, creating a piece that is both striking and tender.
The Floral Crowned Calf Paint-by-Numbers Kit is perfect for creating an endearing piece of art that captures the innocence and joy of young farm life accented with the softness of spring flowers. The included materials make it easy to produce a detailed and colorful portrait that will bring a touch of pastoral serenity to any space.

I just started but I'm really enjoying this kit. I used to love doing paint by numbers as a kid and this kit feels like an adult version with all the little spaces to paint and the fact that it is on canvas. When I'm all done I hope it will look good enough to hang. Either way it is a great way to relax and unwind after work.

Maddie White

This helped me so much to feel like I can make something beautiful. I'm learning patience and it is giving me something to do to relax. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes to make lovely things. It comes with small brushes and paints. I do recommend having it put on a canvas frame first to make it a little easier.

Rebecca Coffino