Garden Feline Paint By Numbers Canvas Print

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Step into a magical evening with the Garden Feline Paint By Numbers Canvas Print. This artwork transports viewers to an enchanting outdoor space, guided by the serene presence of a watchful feline under a starlit sky. It's an artful escape into nature, perfect for any room that needs a touch of serenity and color.


  • Material: Created on high-quality, long-lasting canvas for a premium viewing experience.
  • Intended Age Range: The design is suitable for all ages and is particularly appealing for nature and animal enthusiasts.
  • Special Features: Includes an array of vibrant flora and a serene night sky, completed by hanging lanterns that add to the mystical ambiance.
  • Technical Specifications: Utilizes fade-resistant inks to maintain color depth and detail over time.
  • Shape: The canvas is a vertical rectangle, allowing for versatile placement in both spacious and compact areas.
  • Pattern: Richly patterned with an assortment of flowers and foliage against a night-time backdrop.
  • Texture: Smooth canvas surface that showcases the intricate details of the artwork.
  • Design: Depicts a tranquil black feline sitting amid a lush garden, with a colorful night sky peering through the foliage.

Additional Information:

  • Kit Components: Includes one 16x20 inch pre-printed, textured canvas, a complete acrylic paint set, and three precision brushes.
  • User-Friendly: Tailored for beginners, the kit uses a numbered system on the canvas to guide the painting process.
  • Canvas Material: Constructed from superior canvas, which is resilient to creasing and showcases vivid, clear imagery.
  • Cognitive Benefits: Engaging with this paint-by-number kit can bolster color recognition skills and boost confidence through artistic achievement.

I just started but I'm really enjoying this kit. I used to love doing paint by numbers as a kid and this kit feels like an adult version with all the little spaces to paint and the fact that it is on canvas. When I'm all done I hope it will look good enough to hang. Either way it is a great way to relax and unwind after work.

Maddie White

This helped me so much to feel like I can make something beautiful. I'm learning patience and it is giving me something to do to relax. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes to make lovely things. It comes with small brushes and paints. I do recommend having it put on a canvas frame first to make it a little easier.

Rebecca Coffino