Sunset Serenity Boat Paint By Number Kit

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The Sunset Serenity Boat Paint By Number Kit transports you to a tranquil waterside retreat, bathed in the golden hues of dusk. This paint-by-numbers kit provides an artistic sanctuary where the stillness of a solitary boat on calm waters meets the majestic beauty of the setting sun. It is a celebration of peace and natural splendor that awaits your creative touch.


  • Size: The canvas offers a 16x20 inch space, perfect for capturing the expansive beauty of the scene.
  • Material: Premium canvas material is selected for its ability to hold paint and render the vivid details of the sunset.
  • Special Features: The painting kit comes with a stunning depiction of a sunset vista that combines reflective waters and a sky ablaze with color.
  • Technical Specifications: Included are high-quality, non-toxic acrylic paints and brushes designed for fine artwork.
  • Shape: The canvas is crafted into a rectangle, ideal for framing and hanging as a centerpiece in any room.
  • Pattern: Features a serene boat resting on water that mirrors the fiery sky above.
  • Texture: The canvas has a smooth texture to allow for detailed work and nuanced shading.
  • Design: The design carefully balances elements of light and shadow, capturing the fleeting moment of the day's end.





The Sunset Serenity Boat Paint By Number Kit is an artist's vessel to navigate the calm waters of painting, offering a peaceful moment captured in colors and brushstrokes. It provides not just a piece of art but a tranquil experience, resulting in a work that exudes the serene beauty of a sunset by the sea.

I just started but I'm really enjoying this kit. I used to love doing paint by numbers as a kid and this kit feels like an adult version with all the little spaces to paint and the fact that it is on canvas. When I'm all done I hope it will look good enough to hang. Either way it is a great way to relax and unwind after work.

Maddie White

This helped me so much to feel like I can make something beautiful. I'm learning patience and it is giving me something to do to relax. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes to make lovely things. It comes with small brushes and paints. I do recommend having it put on a canvas frame first to make it a little easier.

Rebecca Coffino